**For Experienced Wholesalers & House Flippers Only**

The New Strategy We Are Using To Help Wholesalers & Flippers Go From 2 Deals Per Mo. to 3+ Deals Per Week

The New Strategy We Are Using To Help Wholesalers & Flippers Go From 
2 Deals Per Month to 
3+ Deals Per Week

Inside The Training You'll Discover...

  • The step by step process I followed to grow my real estate business to $2,000,000 within 18 months
  • ​What the top 1% of investors all have in common
  • Our Flywheel Marketing Method™️ that generates motivated leads like clockwork for more control over your month-to-month revenue


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James F. Hodges

James Hodges is real estate investor, real estate coach and speaker. 

James began his entrepreneurial journey after graduating from Texas A&M University, where he was part of the 4 x National Championship Track & Field Team. 
Upon graduating, James went into the mission field, serving in orphanages and the fight against sex trafficking in 8 countries around the world. 
James then returned to the United States where he started his career as a real estate investor with less than $1,000 to his name. 
Utilizing a zero money down investment strategy, James was able to scale his real estate business to multiple 7 figures in his first 18 months of real estate investing. 
Since then, he has generated multiple seven figures through real estate investing and now coaches investors around the nation to multiple six and seven figures utilizing advanced marketing, sales, and team building strategies. 
James is revolutionizing the way wholesalers & house flippers scale their businesses! He offers an innovative step-by-step approach on how wholesalers & flippers can go from a solo operator to building a legitimate real estate business.